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Workspace & Furniture News

We love our industry and use this news zone to show you why we love it so much.  Things that make us smile, things make our clients smile and things we think you'd love to read.
JPA Workspaces2024 Apr7 min read

Crafting a Sense of Belonging: The Crucial Role of Office Design in Talent Retention

According to research by McKinsey, nearly 40% of employees reported being somewhat likely ...
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JPA Workspaces2024 Mar3 min read

Designing Tomorrow's Office: Responding to the UK Workforce's Need for Productivity Boost

According to the Gensler 2023 report on UK Workplaces, the number of hours spent by UK ...
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JPA Workspaces2023 Jul2 min read

JPA Workspaces celebrate King’s Award at Buckingham Palace

We’re delighted to have been awarded The King’s Award 2023 for Enterprise in Sustainable ...
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JPA Workspaces2023 Apr2 min read

JPA Workspaces win prestigious King’s Award for Sustainable Development

We are thrilled to announce that JPA Workspaces have been honoured with one of the first ...
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JPA Workspaces2023 Jan2 min read

What are biodiversity stripes?

‘Biodiversity stripes’ provide a visual representation of the change in biodiversity over ...
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JPA Workspaces2022 Dec3 min read

Five key priorities for laboratory furniture

Laboratories have been the birthplace of countless scientific innovations that have ...
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JPA Workspaces2022 Nov5 min read

What does 'sustainability' mean?

National Geographic magazine has a succinct definition of sustainability: “Sustainability ...
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JPA Workspaces2022 Oct3 min read

Getting Creative with Circular Furnishing Services

We are huge advocates of the circular economy and we freely admit we do talk about it ...
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JPA Workspaces2022 Sep4 min read

How to retain talented staff as well as attract new talent

‘Our people are our greatest asset’ is a mantra that many businesses quote but not every ...
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JPA Workspaces2022 Sep< 1 min read

Sustainable Development Presentation at TP Bennett

Blaze and Fiona have been in London this week, giving a breakfast presentation to ...
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JPA Workspaces2022 Aug5 min read

How to keep different generations of workers happy in their office environment

There has been a lot in the news about the different generations - most people are ...
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JPA Workspaces2022 May3 min read

The Value of Sustainable Office Furniture

With a greater focus on the environment, more and more people are looking to buy office ...
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