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Studio Setup and Space Planning for Film and TV

At JPA Workspaces, we work with film production companies, studio spaces and film and TV studios, creating sustainable and positive work and social spaces.
We offer a complete post production studio setup solution for the film and TV industries: when you work with us we'll be there throughout the whole process, from design concepts to furniture sourcing, installation and maintenance. And because film and TV production is an ever-changing environment, we’re able to flexibly update your surroundings as and when needed, ensuring that unwanted furniture and fittings are reused or recycled responsibly when they are no longer in use.

Working in partnership, to create the perfect space

As sustainable furniture providers and space planning specialists, we work collaboratively as one team with other contractors. We’re committed to forming strong and effective partnerships alongside interior designers and technicians, working as one team and one partner to create the studio space you need for your production.


Film and TV studio furniture, fittings and sustainable design

We pride ourselves on being the trusted expert provider of sustainable workspace solutions for the film and TV industries. Our experience of film and TV studio interior design and fitout includes:

  • Screening room design and fitout
  • Meet and greet spaces with lounge and cafe/bar facilities
  • Film and TV studio furniture available to loan for short-term projects

We are able to create flexible spaces that serve your purposes, including:

  • Workspace fitout for offices
  • Social, restaurant and café spaces
  • Lecture theatre and conferencing spaces
  • Wellbeing spaces and gyms

Flexible studio setup, for the fast-paced world of TV and film

We understand that TV or film production needs to be fast-moving and flexible, so our furniture and fitout post production studio setup services reflect this. If you’re a production company moving into a new space we’ll move quickly to get it ready for you. Throughout the lifecycle of your project we understand that you’ll be dealing with constantly fluctuating volumes of people, so we create flexible workspaces to accommodate this.  

Whatever your vision for the space, our post production studio setup teams will help you to make it a reality.


Your trusted production partner, maintaining security on set

We understand that maintaining security on a TV or film production set is essential to protecting the cast and crew, the production's assets, and the confidentiality and integrity of the production itself.

It means that it’s really important that you have reliable furniture that you can depend on, without the need for our teams to be going in and out to fix things. 

You can trust us to maintain the security of the production space when work is being undertaken.


Case Study: Sky Studios at Elstree

In 2022, JPA Workspaces were chosen to provide workspace and furniture specification, sourcing, supply, project management and installation to the brand new Sky Studios at Elstree.

About the studios
Elstree is the home of a new, state-of-the art film and TV studio based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. With 13 sound stages set across 27.5 acres, this is a world-class facility providing a 5-acre backlot, production offices and set construction workshops, catering and break out spaces.

Our film and TV studio interior design, installation included:

  • production and post-production spaces
  • reception lounge
  • screening room
  • skills academy

“As part of our sustainability credentials and being keen to partner with local suppliers we have been delighted to partner with JPA workspaces for the supply of all our office furniture at Sky Studios Elstree production and administration buildings.

We worked with JPA workspaces to source end of line, second hand other existing furniture to ensure that we did not consume additional carbon to produce new furniture, ensured protection did not use single-use plastics, and were delivered in a sustainable way.”

Matthew Homewood
Head of Projects
Sky Spaces