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Education space design

At JPA Workspaces, we offer a complete education space design, from consultancy and concepts through to procurement, installation, aftercare and maintenance.

We’re committed to getting the best out of your college or university space, accommodating all of your practical and functional needs in an attractive and positive learning-focused environment. We create practical and adaptable workspace design for the education sector, furnished with durable and sustainable items to make your budget go further.


We create practical and adaptable college study and workspaces that are designed to last, with durable furniture, budget-friendly low-carbon items and ongoing maintenance all included as part of the package. We can provide a complete education space design and procurement service for all types of college space, including common seating areas, offices and classrooms for specialised activities such as science labs and art rooms.


At university level, education space design needs to be versatile and flexible, to adapt to different teaching styles and learning environments. As one team and one partner, we can help you to create a complete education workspace solution. This may include reconfigurable spaces for lectures, seminars and group work, welcoming lounge-style common areas, and ergonomic work environments for faculty and staff members. We can also support you with the design, layout and fit-out of student accommodation.

Multifunctional design for the education sector

Our workspace teams will work in partnership with you to create educational spaces that are truly multifunctional, easily transformed to suit a multitude of functions and learning styles, including group work and collaborative learning activities, traditional classroom teaching and quiet study. At the same time, we’ll consider the needs of your building managers, maintenance teams and Health and Safety, and we’ll ensure that our education space design solutions are durable, long-lasting and cost-effective.

As part of our complete education furniture solutions, we can source and supply sustainable furniture products including desks, chairs, storage units and tables. We’ll ensure that desks are adjustable to accommodate students of different ages and sizes, and that chairs have comfortable seats and backrests to promote good posture and prevent fatigue. 

In all educational environments, good storage is essential. We’ll help you to assess the best use of space within your college or university and create attractive and practical solutions for keeping books, papers, and other materials organised.

Our approach to education space design

Our education workspace design philosophy is centred around fully functioning, practical and attractive spaces.

We appreciate the need for educational space design to be fully adaptable to ease timetabling pressures. We also understand the impact of a positive learning environment on students and staff, and our goal is to create functional but welcoming spaces that inspire people and promote wellbeing.

Working in partnership with you, we can design flexible educational spaces that will accommodate traditional lecture style deliveries, breakaway collaboration groups and practical hands-on tasks. We’re committed to getting the best out of your space, accommodating all your practical and functional needs in an attractive, learning-focused environment.


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