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Meet the Team

Our people are our biggest asset, at the heart of everything we do. And we can’t wait for you to meet them! Here at JPA Workspaces we are committed to collaboration and open to new ideas, working as one team and one partner.  With shared values and a common purpose, our commitment to excellence and passion for sustainability keep us motivated.

Adam Neil Jones Workplace Consultant
Adam Neil Jones
Agris Veinbergs Head of Design
Agris Veinbergs
Ahmed Khan Business Development
Ahmed Khan
Aimee Curtis Head of Business Development
Aimee Curtis
Alana Ward Senior Sales and Projects Support
Alana Ward
Andrew Reynolds Workplace Consultant
Andrew Reynolds
Angel Fletcher Sales and Projects Support
Angel Fletcher
Cameron Jewell Project Manager
Cameron Jewell
Fiona Edwards Head of Sustainability
Fiona Edwards
Graham Pulsford Managing Director
Graham Pulsford
Hannah Woodward Workplace Designer
Hannah Woodward
Ian Tildmas Head of Professional Services
Ian Tildmas
Jackie Hinton Accounts Assistant
Jackie Hinton
James Wright Installer
James Wright
Jane Large Accountant
Jane Large
Kate Hunter Workplace Consultant
Kate Hunter
Kevin Ward Warehouse Operative
Kevin Ward
Maurizio Delsale Junior Designer
Maurizio Delsale
Nush Saminaden Account Manager
Nush Saminaden
Paul Cox Workplace Consultant
Paul Cox
Rebecca Campbell Sales and Projects Support
Rebecca Campbell
Richard Barret Site Supervisor
Richard Barret
Richard Charter Workplace Consultant
Richard Charter
Richard Cooksey COO
Richard Cooksey
Sanjana Mishra Business Development
Sanjana Mishra
Shelleni Tanna HR Manager
Shelleni Tanna
Steve McQuillan Installer
Steve McQuillan
Susan Hann Head of Sales and Marketing
Susan Hann
Tamar Merson Head of Finance
Tamar Merson
Thomas Culley Senior Sales and Projects Support
Thomas Culley
Tony Barker Senior Account Manager
Tony Barker

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