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Learning space planning for higher education

Inspiring university classroom furniture and layouts can support and enhance the learning experience. As leaders in learning space design for higher education, and as a NEUPC framework provider, we work in partnership with estate managers, interior designers, architects and other specialists, to deliver vibrant and functional classrooms, lecture theatres, student accommodation and other spaces for Top 10 global leading universities and other institutions.
We are committed to sustainable workspace design and will work to ensure that your university furniture is a low-carbon, eco-friendly solution that supports students now and into the future.

Lecture theatres, classrooms and other university learning environments

Learning environments matter. We help you get the best out of your space, creating flexible learning spaces and lecture room layouts that promote student engagement and active learning. Movable university furniture, reconfigurable partitions and multi-purpose spaces are easily adapted to cater for different teaching styles and learning needs.

University campuses are complex, with multiple departments that all have different requirements from the space. As specialists in learning space planning for higher education for over 30 years, we understand the broad scope and specific challenges that university furniture and space planning present. We are used to working with multiple stakeholders to create spaces that meet the needs of everyone.

We work in partnership with universities and other specialist providers, to create inspiring interiors. Our projects an include:

  • Lecture theatres
  • University library furniture and layout
  • Flexible and reconfigurable university classroom designs
  • Fitted and loose booths for smaller groups and individual study
  • VR and AR spaces
  • Open collaboration spaces that work to integrate with the community
  • Smart lockers and shared locker solutions
  • Student accommodation

Case study: UCL

For over 30 years we have worked in partnership with UCL, the largest campus-based university in the country. During this time we have provided workspace design and supplied university furniture to multiple departments within the university. Throughout the decades, successive changes to work and study styles, from increased reliance on ICT to the introduction of AR and VR in learning, have been reflected in our ongoing learning space planning. 

consultancy booth

Case study: King's College London

JPA Workspaces were selected to project manage the refurbishment of the Franklin Wilkins Library and IoP Library at King's College London.

Working mainly in the summer months to minimise disruption to students and faculty staff onsite, created a series of modern and flexible learning spaces within the libraries including social seating, quiet spaces and group study rooms.

Read the King's College London case study


Case study: Pembroke College, University of Oxford

Pembroke College, Oxford is a relatively small site and was constrained by its size. A project to develop its facilities, Bridging Centuries, connected the centuries-old building with a new set of modern buildings, including the Harold Lee Room, conference hospitality rooms and 96 ensuite bedrooms for undergraduate student accommodation. 

JPA were chosen to supply interior furnishings for this "fourth quadrangle", sourcing bespoke, locally-manufactured university furniture within a tight timescale.

Read the Pembroke College case study