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Private hospital space planning and medical office waiting room furniture

Create stunning healthcare spaces that make an instant impression, with high quality space planning and furniture by JPA Workspaces. Our complete private healthcare space planning service covers everything from concepts and layout design through to project planning, installation and ongoing maintenance. We supply high-quality workspace and medical office waiting room furniture, including durable hospital reception desks and luxurious seating.
Enhancing patient comfort and improving staff wellbeing, our private hospital space planning service is both practical and aspirational. We’ll help you to transform your healthcare environment into a desirable and comfortable space that is also practical and fully compliant in terms of infection control and accessibility. From consultation rooms to social spaces, we offer a full private hospital space planning, furniture sourcing, installation and maintenance service. We work collaboratively alongside interior designers, architects and other specialists on private hospital interior projects.

Enhance the patient experience, with healthcare spaces created for comfort

From the moment a patient enters your premises, the design and layout should evoke a positive and reassuring experience. We’ll help you to deliver a premium level of comfort, with hotel-like spaces and high-quality hospital reception furniture that puts patients fully at ease. Our professional space planning service can cover everything from reception and waiting areas to private rooms, reflecting and reinforcing your hospital's high standards of quality and service.


Desirable environments to support workplace wellbeing

People-focused working environments can boost employee wellbeing and help you to get the best from your staff.  At JPA Workspaces we plan and create desirable private hospital environments that support employee wellbeing and productivity, including high-quality welfare and rest spaces. We’re passionate about sustainable and people-focused workspaces that support workplace wellness and lead to happier, more fulfilled teams. 


Our services

Our private hospital workspace planning services can include:
Staff rooms and break spaces
Consultation rooms
Clinic interior design
Medical office waiting room furniture
Social, restaurant and café spaces
Lecture theatre and conferencing spaces
Wellbeing and gyms

Create and reinforce a strong brand identity

Your private healthcare brand is more than just a logo and a tagline. It's the personality of your organisation, the way you want patients to feel when they walk through your doors. And your physical space can play a big role in communicating your brand identity.

When we plan a private healthcare space, we take into account all of the elements that contribute to the patient experience. From the colours and materials used in the walls and flooring to the furniture and equipment, we want every detail to reflect your brand.

During the design phase we’ll work with you to select colours, materials and finishes that are consistent with your private healthcare brand. All materials and finishes are of the highest quality for ultimate comfort. We’ll help you to make people feel comfortable, confident and well-cared for from the moment they step through the door.


JPA Workspaces: over 30 years of experience in healthcare

We’ve been supplying furniture and planning healthcare environments for a long time. And we’ve built up a reputation for sustainable and inspirational workspaces that will work hard for you. We don’t just plan private hospital workspaces; we work with a variety of private healthcare spaces including:

  • Private hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Surgeries and consulting rooms
  • Therapy centres

We understand the unique challenges of the private healthcare industry and can work with you to provide solutions that truly reflect your needs.