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British Library

Community rehoming


Project brief

The British Library commissioned JPA Furniture to run a pilot scheme to rehome redundant furniture resulting from building upgrades and renovations. This included 500 office and café furniture items.

  • To improve the British Library’s community performance
  • To integrate The British Library more fully with the community in a measure-able way
  • To improve the British Library’s environmental performance
  • Eliminate redundant furniture landfill & waste
  • To achieve all this whilst saving money over traditional recycling services

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Key outcomes

  • Value of savings through goods donated and re-used £40,000
  • 15 Different community organisations received furniture donations
  • Low scope 3 emissions – all organisations were local to the British library or JPA
  • 19 tonnes (19,000kg) redundant furniture was diverted from landfill
  • 440 unwanted furniture items were re-used, 60 items recycled – over 500 items eliminated from landfill

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